DC Pedicab (202)345-8065 is the premier pedal-powered purveyor of pedicab sightseeing tours in Washington, DC.

Call or text our reservations line anytime at (202)345-8065 or email us using the "Contact Us" button in the box above on the left.

Your entertaining and educational DCpedicab.com tour guide will create a memorable sightseeing experience as you are guided on a personalized pedicab tour around the National Mall or elsewhere in DC.

  • Book a tour for one (1) single adult guest starting at $173 and up ($115 per hour, per pedicab).
  • Book a tour for two (2) adult guests starting at $203 and up ($135 per hour, per pedicab).
  • Book a tour for three (3) adult guests starting at $248 and up ($165 per hour, per pedicab).
  • 1.5 Hour Minimum Required for a Reservation.
  • Make as many, or as few stops as you wish to enter the memorials and experience their grandeur.
  • Let us help you extend your mobility if you have trouble walking long distances.

  • Relax in our comfortable seating under our canopy shelters to avoid the heat of the sun, or a passing rain shower.  

  • Or, we can set the canopy back for an open air sightseeing experience.

  • Begin and end your tour anywhere around downtown DC, or down on the National Mall.

  • We welcome singles, couples, families, pets, persons with disabilities, and their service animals.

Reserving your pedicab tour time is easy! Text us, or call us anytime at (202)345-8065 or, send us email using the "Navigation" bar above.  Scroll to “Reservations" and send us your details.  Please include:

  • The total number of adult and child guests that would be touring.
  • Your day-of mobile number, and an optional backup mobile number.

  • Your desired tour day and date and tour departure time.

  • Your desired tour departure location, or we can suggest one later.  

  • One of our co-op members will contact you as soon as practicable to confirm your tour reservation.

Reservations -  (202)345-8065 (voice or text)